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Default Re: December Surprise Me - Border Challenge

Altimasport, what a beautiful Christmas border! And I love how you inset the photos too.. looks like we are looking thru a window! Such a cute banner/cluster as well! I love side borders, and this one is lovely!

ElkFan, This is lovely! So elegant! I love how the border so perfectly resembles the items in your photograph! And what a gorgeous Christmas table you have set here!!! Love the title work too!

What a darling page, soshanna. I love the unique way you treated your border, with the square cut-outs! That is wonderful! I also love how you took up the whole page with your photograph! I really like the offsets in your journaling too. Looks like a fun day.

You know, Jan, I started out making 8.5 x 11 layouts.. it was really even before 12 x 12 caught on. It was rare, at that time, to even find 12 x 12 albums in the store! But, of course, now it’s rare to find the 8.5 x 11 albums! Shrinking down 12 x 12 templates to 8.5 by 8.5 and then using borders is a great way to combine both worlds! Great layout! And a darling Christmas photo!

Hey, Jodie! What a darling picture! Sammi looks like she is having a blast! Very cute side border! The blues really pick up the blue in Sammi’s dress and the blue tinge on some of the leaves.

Hi Nandy! You may submit as many layouts as you wish, as far as I know. I don’t think there’s a rule on that. ?? LOL on Matilda!! Love those lips and eyes!!! The snowman border, with another cute face, is just perfect! Love the stitching on it too!

Hey Lella! I almost missed your entry! Hey everyone!!! Click on the "Thanks" which is highlighted in Lella's post!

LOL, Jill! I can think of way harder things than this for you to contemplate! You’re a tease. You could knock this out in a second! about it?

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