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Default Thank you, Toiny

Toiny, I just want to say thank you for your beautiful words about the shooting that you put in the Newsletter.
I just need to share how shaken up and sick I am over this. This is where I grew up. This is an area I spent a lot of time. I was raised in Danbury, 12 miles away, but had many friends and spent time in beautiful Newtown. To have to sit and watch it and KNOW those areas being shown on the tv, to recognize every building is just too sureal.
Newtown is the perfect setting of the perfect New England town. There is a town square with the famous Newtown flag in the center and the village is built around the square. It is small, quiet and quaint.
Sadly, yesterday was my daughter's birthday. She was born at Danbury Hospital, the same hospital where two precious children died. I called her to wish her Happy Bithday and we both just sobbed.
Please, continue praying for those families who have lost their children and loved ones. The most horrific pain I can imagine is the loss of a child---and to have that loss happen because of a senseless act like this----there just arn't words. HUG your children today, and every day!!!!!
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