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Default Re: Christmas Dinner?

We had the "traditional" menu but cut out most of the work this year as our time with guests was short just less than 48 hours so we had a winters meal on Christmas Eve when everyone arrived- shepherds pie with lots of veg and gravy and apple crumble and icecream. On Christmas Day the turkey was in fact two turkey breasts pre stuffed and only taking an hour and a half to cook with all the trimmings and cheesecake for pudding. It was so easy to do and still spend lots of time with everyone also much less washing up and NO left overs or only enough to make sandwiches for a late snack

having read the post a couple down realise being in the UK i should have siad the traditional menu as its looking to bevery different in other countries.
Our traditional is turkey and stuffing and bread sauce and cranberry sauce and sprouts(not bean sprouts- the green ones) and roasted parsnips pifs in blankets(sausaged with bacon wrapped round them) and then carrots and what ever other veg you want

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