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Default Re: How's 2013 going for you?!

Oh well, I started drinking one green smoothie each day. They are healthy and surprise, surprise, they are delicious as well.
That's the only new thing in my life, otherwise all goes the same as in 2012. With the recession going on in the Netherlands, Europa, America and maybe the whole world, I'm supposed to be happy to have a job. Due to are "wise" government chances of keeping this job are very low, but it will last in 2013 though. I don't like my job, but finding something new is practically impossible right now, with the bad economics etc, etc.
So I try to make the best of it when I'm off work, however, a bit more money would make it a bit more easier!
So I hope my health will improve a bit (actually a lot) and I try to laugh a lot
Happiness is often to be found in the little things!

Hee, I have the best hubby and kids, so what more can a person ask for. In that way I am so lucky!!

Good luck with college Dani, what are you planning to study?

xx Jeannette

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