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Originally Posted by ceefl0wer View Post
I havent heard of this before either, must also have been hiding under a rock how is it hosted is it via facebook or website or what??

I went and found it and started my stack, being a bit technologically challenged it took me a few goes to get started but will enjoy doing this I think

ah -- and you left a comment on the only item i had up there LOL --- now i have to tell you --- that's not my layout, i was totally blown away by it & the amount of time it must have taken to put all those buttons & their shadows on all those layers!!! so i'm trying to figure out if i did something wrong when i "restacked" it (repinned) cuz its not supposed to look like i made it, its supposed to go back to the original person who "stacked" (pinned) it.

when you clicked to leave your comment -- did you see the trail back to the original person who made it? or did it look like it was my original?

cuz i'm still trying to figure out the "right" way to restack stuff that i like without making it look like i'm taking credit for work that's not my own.
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