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Default Re: Recipe Card Challenge ~ January 2013

Doris: Thanks for answering Denise's question -- I appreciate you doing that! : )

Denise: I did receive your e-mail with the jpeg file; thanks for sending that. As for the username change, one of the store administrators can make that change for you. If you know how send a PM (private message) here in the forum, send it to Ambowife Designs and Toiny and let them know your current forum name and what you want it changed to. If you don't know how to do a PM, send me an e-mail message to the same address you sent your card to and we can proceed from there.

Originally Posted by View Post
When we email the template of our recipe card, should it be a .psd file or a .jpeg? I tried sending as .psd but my email says it's too large a file to send. Any suggestions?

One more question, is there a way to have a different user name instead of my email? Sorry for all the questions.

Thank you.
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