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Default Re: Recipe Card Challenge ~ January 2013

This cracked me up! Maybe we'll do something like this for a future challenge -- although it would probably be more along the lines of "Mistakes That Became Masterpieces"! : )

Originally Posted by Digi-Scrap View Post
Ok: I had just spent some money, so I really didn't want to spend anymore, however it is a good deal, so I will buy a few things while I am @ it. I spend more money @ The studio then anywhere else regarding ditigal scrap kits.

I wonder if I could do a smart alic recipe theme, if it isn't too extreme. I managed yesterday to make a mess of my lunch & I made the comment in my head: The Recipe 4 madness (my salad ended up all over the floor). I had my dog eat the meat that was in it (she doesn't like veggies) & she licked up the dressing off of the salad & licked up the carpeting, & then I took a rake & raked it up onto the floor & swept it into the dust pan & into the garbage can.


Today has been a much better day.

I'm doing a colon cleanse tomorrow: maybe I could add that to the recipe card instead?

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