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Default Re: 365 Synergy - January

Originally Posted by ceefl0wer View Post
Well I think the idea is that you think of your goal which will broadly be a project of life whether its the 365,52 or whatever of as the examples state you might be wanting to push yourself to finish a heritage book etc I really think its open ended or that was my reading of it.

I have started a project life theme for this year, I am doing double page spreads sometimes in the specific project life type format and sometimes in the layout style page- I have just started a hybrid one too, that will be the one I will need the encouragement and ideas for.
I have already decided for myself that I am going to be flexible it doesnot have to be a two page spread every week just going with the flow. My target will be complete IF at the end of the year I have a hands on copy .
This is my week 3 first page
I think I am going to start an album in the gallery for putting them in
Wonderful explanation hun and I love your layout. Great start to the project.

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