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Default We have THREE WINNERS!!!

Have you been wondering about this post? Three winners? Yes, that's true: 2 were picked by all who voted in the poll (we had a tie for 1st place) and one additional random one.

Let's give a round of applause and thank you to Maureen aka makeyesup for her wonderful idea of giving out an additional random kit - and to our boss lady Toiny for approving a new rule and sponsoring the additional prize:

From now on, each month one additional free Megakit will be given out to a randomly picked PS participant - and if we hit more than 50 layouts in the poll, two random kits will be given out... (yes, and three if we have 100 )

And here are the January Winners:

Congratulations to trickletime and robinoes66 for winning the poll with their gorgeous pages:

...and congratulations also go to # 33 in the list (chosen by
Renee Berger

I will pm you all shortly with your prize or participation coupons.

Hope to see you again for the Feb PS, starting on Feb 10th!


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