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Originally Posted by JanW. View Post
Any ideas you want to share for future months? All suggestions are welcome.

I've got a not-too-fully formed idea, maybe you can get something from this.

I've been working with the organizing, identifying, archiving (etc.) of my family photos for a few years now and when I look at them I often wonder about "then and now" sort of stuff. For instance, I've a number of photos of my mother and her family in the doorway of or in in front of the building where they lived for many years in the 1930's and 1940's. After my mother passed away in 2002, I visited the city where she lived and drove to the address of those photos - although there were a lot of changes, you could still tell it was the same doorway; it was the same wooden door with same markings on it! I photographed it then and have been meaning to do a "then-and-now" sort of layout with it.

Maybe we could do something like that, it could be a house that's been in in the family for years or it could be an heirloom maybe that's been passed down through the generations, maybe a photo of the item from a time with our ancestors and then again in a more current time. Or maybe it could be about a thing or event that still exists but has changed over time. Like maybe a photo of an old automobile with an ancestor and then a photo today's cars to show how those things have changed... or, perhaps, a photo of a family having fun together, like maybe listening to the radio or a dance and then a photo of some sort showing how the decendants entertain themselves today - maybe it's still the same way, maybe it's different.

LOL, can you see what I meant by a "not-fully-formed" idea? If you can get something out of this, please do. And thank you so much for having these challenges!
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