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Default Re: 365 Synergy - January

Ladies, I'm IN! In most areas of my life I am highly organized but a few years ago I changed computers and I was so afraid of losing my pics that I made 4 backups. Yes, really. I vesiculate between organizing the pictures first and then making my pages...or organizing them as I go. I am highly motivated to do some scrapping. I have 2 goals for this challenge.
1. Complete a heritage book for my mom.
2. Complete an album of our 2009 trip to Yellowstone National Park.

Here is my first 2 page spread!
Yellowstone 01 Left

Yellowstone 01 Right

I used Boo's Blend It Like Boo Annum Imaginum Vol. 1 February and 365 Synergy February Complete Works by BooLand Designs.
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