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Great question, Marvelyn ... and Congrats!

I will assume that you will be discussing the who, what, where, when and why ... plus the begates ...

If it were me I would include some discussion about scanning in hand written notes, letters, envelopes or signatures that a genealogist has in their hard copy file box so that they can be used as accents or elements in a page. Even a hand written recipe can become the focus of a good genealogy digiscrap.

Don't forget Great Grandma's lace doilies that she crocheted or Grandpa's ration cards from the war. Old newspapers and year books make great background papers and magazine ads from the time period work very well also.

I have a number of old land deeds that include the date, location and signatures of our ancestors. They not only secure a family to a certain place and time but add that 'realism' effect when their signatures become part of the layout.

Some objects as key chains, watch fobs, medallions, hair ribbons or jewelry that were owned by that family also make great elements for a page. Image holding two pieces of digiscrap paper together with a broach pin of your grandmother's instead of just another paper clip!

Hope your talk goes well and that you share your experience here!
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