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Default Re: What is: a Digital Easter Egg Hunt

I was able to get one egg for an add-on so far in the first round. I didn't know there was to be more then one egg, I am new to this type of game LOL, and I totally missed the s on the end of eggs. So I didn't even look after I got the first egg. Then someone commented they found several eggs and I was like, what! LOL But its cool. It's a bit too much going through 501 descriptions repeatedly so I eventually gave up when some of the eggs I found were duds in later restocking LOL. I'll be damned if I am going to cheat just to get there first. I am VERY HAPPY with what I did get. It was the only part of the original bundle that I didn't get. And since I get this designers monthly 365 it was a bonus for me. So I did get my gift for Easter today from the Studio. Thank you very much. And a special Thank you to Two Moose Designs. I don't think I will play again since I am so busy over here and I will probably miss the restocking notice like I did an hour or so ago. It's hard when its Easter and family is in house. I do thank you for a really fun challenge thou. You throw a fab party
We hope all of you are having the best Easter. Our Blessing go out to all of you!
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