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Default Brighten & Pop Tutorial

I love this picture of my daughter. I think it captures her fun spirit beautifully. However, I don't care for how dark it is. Because this is a Summer photo, I want it to reflect the brightness of Summer and change the overall mood of the photo to reflect her happiness. This is a really quick & easy way to brighten up your photos, without losing contrast, that I stumbled upon while playing and I now use it all the time!

First, you want to open your photo in your program. I generally crop my photos to cut out any extra background or people that are not the main focus of my photo. Next, you want to make a duplicate of your photo. To do this, right-click your photo layer and choose "Duplicate Layer" from the drop-down box. Another box will pop up, it will give you the option of naming your duplicate layer. I, personally, just skip this step and hit OK when the box comes up. This will put an exact duplicate above your original photo layer.

While on your duplicate layer, go up to Blend Modes & choose "Screen" from the drop down menu.

You can instantly see the photo become brighter without washing out the details. Here are the Before & After so you can see the difference! For this particular photo, I do not need to make anymore adjustments to the Screen Mode. Head to the next part of the tutorial if the Screen Mode has brightened too much, there is a quick fix for that
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