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Default Re: LOA Tutorial

Okay, we've brightened up our photos! Yay! Now I want to add a bit more "pop" to them. This is something I use on all of my photos, I very rarely use photos straight from the camera. And I'm all about quick and easy If you haven't already done so, merge your two photo layers into a single layer. Simplest way to achieve this is to hold ctrl while clicking on both layers to highlight them, then holding ctrl+E to merge them together. Here are the photo's again for reference:

While on your photo layer, go to Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask.
NOTE: If using PSE, go to Enhance > Unsharp Mask (it's at the bottom of the drop down menu )

A new box will pop up for you to make your adjustments. Change the "Amount" to 30 and the "Radius" to 60. Leave "Threshold" at zero.

Hit OK and there you have it! While it is not a dramatic change, you can clearly see how the Unsharp Mask Filter has enhanced the colors and contrast of the photo.

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