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From the Piggy LOA Contest Week 3:

This is open to everyone. You may participate even if you did not participate last week.Please see the General Rules for contest-wide specifics.

The object of the third round challenge is to focus on the photo. A photo can make or break a layout. You can design the most fantastic page ever, but if your photo's are lacking, they can drag your layout down. Because we want you to focus on your photo(s), you must use one of our free quickpages. We have many tutorials online to help you enhance your photos to their greatest potential.

  1. You MUST use one of the quickpages listed below (They are all FREE!)
  2. You MUST enhance your photo in some way and give a quick explanation in your description (ie, credit the tutorial or action you used or a simple breakdown of your process)
  3. You may add to the Quickpage. Just make sure you credit what you've added to it.
  4. You MUST give all credits in your description.
  5. All layouts must be posted by Saturday, April 20 @ 3:00 pm EST
April Mega by Manu (download at the end of this post)
After The Rain Quickpage Freebie
Early Morning Light Freebie QP
L8er Sk8er Quick Page by Digilicious Designs
Flutterby Time freebie qp1
Loving you is ..
Celebrate Good Times Quickpage
Artistic Heritage Collection - Seaside Quickpage FREEBIE
Exhale Collaboration QP freebie
My Christmas Carol FREE Quickpage by Lynn Griffin
True Love Quickpage Freebie

Brighten & Pop by Kim
Journey of a Photo Edit
How To: Lighten A Photo
Cloning: Not Just For Scientists
Before & After
Quick Photo Fix in PSE
Easy Photo Edit in PS
Free Photo Actions
Leverage your options with Levels Adjustment Layer
Adjustment Panel: Brightness & Contrast
Using Overlays & Textures to fix a photo
Editing Photos With The Adjustment Panel: An Intro
Straighten your Photo using the Ruler Tool
Red Eye Quick Fix
How to add a Sepia Effect in Photoshop
Use Blending Modes to edit your Photos
How To: Lighten a Photo
Working with a less-than-perfect Photo
How To: The Color Replacement Tool. Part 1
How To: The Color Replacement Tool- Part2
How To: Selective Coloring
Fake A Vintage Photo
Snap, Crackle, POP!
Beyond Black and White
How To Whiten Teeth in PS and PSE


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