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Default Re: LOA Contest Week 3:

My granddaughter, Lily, a 6 year old wild, free spirt. She has hair spray in every color imaginable and every day decides what color her hair will be for that day!
For my photo I first went to Image-Convert Color Profile-Remove Profile (this is PSE's way of handling the "gamut" problem, since PSE doesn't have a Gamut Warning)
I then duplicated the photo, used a screen blend, and brought opacity down to 40 percent.. The wheat was too light so I used the burn tool on it. I didn't want to darken anything else.
I then played with the levels until I got the look I liked.
I used the brush tool to whiten teeth and put a highlight in each eye as there were none.
Again used the brush, picking up the golden color and red color in her hair to make it more prominent.
Adjusted the skin tone to get rid of the yellow look.
Then used the Dodge Tool at a 35 percent opacity on her nose cheeks and chin to make it look like the sun was hitting her face.