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Default Re: LOA Contest Week 3:

Amazing photo manipulations from everyone.
Here is mine for this week.
Thank you, Toiny for a fun challenge. And thank you Ladies for the beautiful quick pages.

I manipulated this image.

For this old car photo I thought Flutterby's Time Quick Page was perfect.
I copied and pasted the original image. Mirrored the image.
I duplicated the image layer and reduced the image size to fit the frame on the quick page.
I then duplicated the reduced image layer and cut out the car.
I then used the Smart Photo Fix tool and adjusted levels to enhance the colors of the car and focus the image.
I then returned to the reduced image layer and duplicated it.
I then applied the color brown via Hue and Saturate.
I use Paint Shop Pro 11
(I hope I did this correctly and followed all the instructions)
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