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Default Re: LOA Contest Week 3:

Heres is my entry for week 3....what a fabulous challenge.

DSS LOA Contest wk 3 True Love QP provided by Mah Designs and SKrapper Digitals.
This QP caught my eye because of the light shining through the trees. I remembered this picture of my daughter from an early morning walk we went on last summer.

First I duplicated my photo. Then turned off the layer of my top photo.
On the bottom photo I used the hue/saturation to add a sepia like tone, moving the hue bar till I got rid of the bright green.
This also changed the color of my daughter's clothes and skin so this is where I used the duplicated photo. I turned the top photo back on, added a mask and then proceeded to erase this top photo most everywhere, except over my daughter, to expose the bottom photo.
I then used the dodge tool to lighten her hoodie and legs, and the top left corner where the sky is brighter. I used the burn tool to darken the path in front of her.

and here is my original picture

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