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Thanks ladies! Surgery went well- Phase 1 went well- I was partially awake although I don't remember said it all looked good- no signs of infection or anything so that's a great sign! They were afraid I may have had some go into the bone but nothing! YEAH!
Right now I have a wound vac on that's pumping antibiotics right into the hole,sits for about 30 sec then taken out with the vac. Repeats every half hour. Getting oral and IV antibiotics too so if there were any type of infections anywhere in me- they're doomed! LOL. Only trouble I am having is my left arm swelling- not sure if it's the meds or IV has blown- it's only sore when the antibiotics are is pretty swelled tho so thinking we have to have a redo...sigh..was hoping to wait till surgery so I can't feel it(veins suck big time!) but I don't think this IV will last that long...sigh... I go back in the morning(Monday) to close the hole up. They put a drain in then sutures. I have to stay off it 100% for 5-6 weeks. Let's hope this time it takes fully. Last time it healed good all but a tiny eraser size spot. Got up to shower and it tore open so I was back to square one. Asked the doc to please sew it a but further from the suture this time..He laughed and promised he'd do better this time. LOL.. I'll let you know how it goes...thanks again for the well wishes! I do know I'm bored outta my mind!
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