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Default Re: LOA Contest Week 4

This was fun to do.
A Boy and his worm "Broke"

This was my grandsons first encounteur with a worm, and the conversation is the actual one between him and Mommy.

Mommy: What’s the worms name?
Boy: Broke
Mommy: Broke is his name?
Boy:’s not a worm, it’s a snake
Mommy: No, it’s a worm.
Boy: His brother had to stay home
Mommy: Can you touch the worm?
Boy: No....Me don’t want to touch it.
Mommy Are you scared?
Boy: .Yes
Mommy: Oops....he fell.
Boy: .Are you OK down there Broke?
Mommy: Is he alive?
Boy: He’s not dead
Mommy: Can you touch it?
Boy: touch it.
Boy: It moved Mommy,
Boy: it’s alive.

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