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Default FREEBIE alert -- A Mom's Hug

NEW UPDATE -- Thanks to all who have been working with me to solve this problem. I do believe it has been resolved, but will continue to monitor my email and messages just in case.

UPDATE -- I recently added a new spam filter to my blog and it seems to be working too good ... as in blocking users. In particular, it's blocking users with a email address. I have sent an email out to all of my users letting them know about the problem. If you have a email account and haven't received anything from me OR if you have registered with my site using ANY email account and have issues, either PM me here or send an email to admin [at] jilbert [dot] org. I DEEPLY apologize for the issue.

I have a freebie mini-kit up on my blog -- Think of it as an iNSD celebration kit with a Mother's Day theme (I love two-fers). Click on the preview to get to my blog ... and don't forget to log in before trying to download it (just trying to slow down my friendly pirate).

I also have a matching paper pack fan freebie on my Facebook page --- Again, clicking on the preview will get you to my page.

Enjoy ... and I would love to see any layouts you make with it!!!
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