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Default Eye surgery

I wanted to let everyone know that things went fairly well. They were able to remove a small bit of clear filament from my eye (got in there when the filament holding my glasses together broke and it worked it's way deep into my eye). Then it seemed as if that would be it. Things took a small turn down three days later and I had to go back to have a bit of repair done. It has been two weeks and everything seems to be going well. I can see again from my right eye. I did have to get new glasses, but they seem to be fine too. I have to wear sunglasses all of the time for a while, even to use the computer. Although I still some healing to do, I hope to be back in full swing in a couple of weeks. I have missed scrapping and look forward to doing some challenges soon. I send thanks to all of you that have sent prayers and well wishes for me. It has been a very scary time, but up hill all the way now!
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