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Default ***Posting Count Important***

As some of you may have noticed the post counts have gone whacky. I do not know what happened. I accidently did this about 3 weeks ago when I hit the “Reset” button in one of the database control panels. We have a few new people working in the control panel but I warned them about the reset buttons so I do not think any of them touched it. We are in the process of making a lot of changes to spiff the place up so it is possible that somehow some of the changes affected the post count. If you would like me to manually reenter your count and you have an idea of how many you had I will do that, but if you had under 40 or 50 I ask that you just don’t worry about it, I love you all no matter what your count is. There is a possibility that we can recover the information if our host did the monthly back-up as our one month anniversary is tomorrow. I am sorry for any distress this might have causes you.
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