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Default Re: Petition Adobe to cancel mandatory CS subscription model

To answer the implied question by Yorkiemom and Robyn: The new subscription-based plans will still have you using the software on your own machine, not through the internet. You will have to maintain your subscription by payment and checking in every month, or your software will no longer work on your own computer. As upgrades are made, you will download patches or new versions and install on your computer, just as you have done in the past.

As for the new plans, they are totally going to lose me as a customer also as it's just not feasible financially. I figured out that I'd be paying 7 times as much for the software on a subscription plan than by my usual method of upgrading about every 4 years. The only people who can afford that kind of plan have businesses that make enough profit to justify it. Screw the consumer market and the pro-sumer market, which is where most of us fall. I kinda doubt that a lot of freelance graphic designers can afford $600 a year on this one set of software. And more when Adobe needs to raise the price of a subscription.

I'm signing the petition, too!
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