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Several challenges mention a 10% discount, and I have seen it for both PU & CU, but we only get a single 10% discount.

So in fact, we only need to do one challenge to get 10%.
Collectively, if we do all the challenge the discount would be significantly more.
Many stores use a point system so that when a specific number of challenges are complete they get a % discount.
If each challenge was to say that members who do the CH get a 1% discount,
and the more challenges completed the more the discount,
then it would round out to the total number of challenges posted,
this month so far it's 15 challenges (thou there will be 16 with the second FD). (15% discount per month at 1% per challenge)

I have never had a discount in the CU store. Every month I do get a 10% discount in the PU store.

Now believe me, I am not complaining. I get more then enough from this community.
But for others, it is confusing. I even thought it was collectively years ago when I joined LOL.

When I work it all out I think I get more then a 10% discount across the board.
Look at all those free gifts, they cost money.
Lets say they are like $2.00 each. That's 7-8 a month, $14-$16, FREE to all Members and out of pocket for the designers.

So I guess what I am saying is that if a 10% discount applies to all challenges collectively, and only for the PU store, then it should be stated as such, by saying members only get one 10% on PU only, across the board, no matter how many challenges they complete.

Here's the Challenge List and what the Participation award is.
All of these are as fun as you make them.
And you get a layout done, sometimes in a way you never thought of. (and you may even learn a new technique or style)
(And collectively that is the main goal of these challenges)

*Progressive Scrap = no % + free gift, progressively.

*Quote Challenge = no % and no gift.

*Me, Myself & I = no % + 10 months or 10 LO's = $10.00 to designers store.

*Color Challenge = 10% discount on ALL of your purchases for the following month (it does not specify PU or CU as of this posting) + gift + make your own kit from the given palette and share if you like.

*ATC Challenge = no % + free gift.

*Recipe Challenge = no % + Buy 1 of the Challengers RC Starter kits to start and every month thereafter you will get the next kit for the challenge FREE (Maurine will even make you something if you need it for the CH).

*Photo Exchange = no % + sharing of a photo to create a layout for another member.

*Variety Challenge = 10% discount on ALL PU only purchases.

*Make It BIG = no % + free gift after participating.

*Point in Time = no % + no gift.

*Photography Challenge = 10% discount on ALL PU only purchases.

*Less Is More = no % + free gift.

*White Space Challenge = 10% discount on ALL purchases (it does not specify PU or CU as of this posting) + free gift.

*Featured Designer Challenge = no % + 2 Free gift. (Twice a month)

*In total there is collectively 20% on ALL purchases, + 20% on PU only purchases (40%)

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