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Wow! Look who did her homework! LOL!

I know it is really confusing and we are planning on fixing this! Look for an announcement sticky that will explain exactly what you get for completing challenges

The general idea: Every participant receives a 10% discount in our Personal Use store only, for the following month. Discounts run from the 5th through the 4th of the following month. This discount is rewarded for completing 1 or more challenges. You only have to do one challenge to receive the 10% discount, but, our challenges are fun and inspiring, so we encourage you to try them all out! There are also several challenges that supply a freebie and/or participation prize(s). These are considered "extra" incentives to join the challenge. You will still receive the 10% discount in the store for participating in these challenges.

There is never a discount in our CU store. Because of the nature of CU resources being used and resold, we cannot offer an additional discount. Our designers put a lot of time and effort into their CU resources for others to use in their own businesses. And because the majority of our challenges are geared more towards Scrapping and less towards Designing, we feel the Personal Use Discount is more appropriate for our participants needs.

Thank you so much, Pat, for your breakdown! As you can see, there are quite a few challenges that offer even more than the 10% discount in the PU Store. The designers here are amazingly generous!
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