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Default Re: Lou and Manu - You Might get it free.

Originally Posted by kimberkatt View Post
HEY!! How did you get a peek?! I've been trying to get into that room for weeks now!! I even bribed them with chocolate...... apparently American chocolate is NOT as good as European chocolate! I would have to agree with them though!

This looks AMAZING!! I can't wait to see it in all it's glory!! Good luck to whomever wins!
Thank you for the lovely comments all! See that Rebecca - Lou and I finally got some sleep and she runs with a copy *rofl*

Sorry, Kim, but our chocolate is definately better - at least an American friend told me *lol* And: I HAVE seen you - you were watching our door like your eyeballs! Well we're not done - Lou and I have more to come, this is just the start of a series, you get the next first peek then

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