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From the Piggy Re: Photography Contest Week 1

Awwwww you make me blush Nancy. I think that is the only time I've managed Bokeh in the foreground of a photo. By accident LOL.

I deliberately didn't post any photo's because there is such a wide range of Bokeh possibilities. Mine are all people-oriented, usually with just the blurred background, but that is far from the only Bokeh style out there. Some people can do amazing things with light. I wanted to keep it open to all possibilities and truly see your creative take on this challenge.

Originally Posted by NancyP View Post
Well that photo Toiny took of the two girls hugging was AWESOME!!! And THAT was just by accident!! Toiny, could you possibly put that photo here in case anyone doesn't know what Bokeh is???? It helps to see a picture of what you are talking about.

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