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Default Re: Dress up Your Avatar!

Originally Posted by patriciabb View Post
I've dressed up my avatar and there is a story why I always use chipmunks. I really like those mischievous curious little rodents - its a good thing they're so cute! They chewed up my lettuces, made my tomatoes, peppers and zucchinis disappear so I can't plant veggies. They put a hole in one of my new wicker patio chairs. However I can't exactly blame it on the chipmunks, it could be a squirrel conspiracy - LOL. I'm glad they're quite content to keep their mischievous endeavors in the back yard and not try and move into the attic like mice! For us they're not too destructive (besides the one time patio chair), so we're happy to have them around... We've watched them year after year, generation after generation. There are always a few that become so tame that they follow us around like a puppy looking for a handout. I've been the garden weeding just to have one 'inspect' what I was doing, try and grab my fingers thinking they were peanuts, then proceed climb all over me looking for peanuts (and finding them in my pocket). Then there are those that come up to the house, look in and wait for the door to come in a grab a few nuts by the backdoor where we keep them :-)))
chipmunk story reminds me the time my mom was baking with nuts & 'someone' kept knocking at the screen door, but she couldn't see anyone -4th time she spotted the squirrel who chattered at her, & ran to the bird feeder once he knew she had seen him, basically communicating, give me some of those nuts

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