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Default Re: Kind of New and Many Questions

Glad I was able to help on the software end.

As to sale ... TONS of them on Friday (black Friday). In fact, theStudio is having their Doorbusters Sale on Friday. There's two sets of doorbusters (morning and afternoon) and the products will be $1 each. PLUS, most of the designers will be having their stores on sale too.

Originally Posted by JanaM View Post
Thank you, Jill. Your post was very enlightening. I went ahead and purchased a copy of PSE 12. I feel that I have to completely relearn the program because so many changes happened in the last four years. Right now, deciding between PSE 12 and PS CC is definitely a cost decision. I did a little reading on other sites regarding Adobe's move to cloud applications. I think that waiting it out and learning PSE 12 in the meantime is a good strategy.

Soooo, anyway, I have software and I have pictures, tons and tons of pictures. Time to get scrappin'. But where to start? Are there any good sales coming up around Thanksgiving? I need supplies!!!!
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