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Default Re: November Random Chat Thread!

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I disappeared. We are in week 3 of our relocation to the hotel, and we'll be here until at least Dec 6th. The wifi is really, really bad ... practically unusable.

We do have insurance covering the relocation but it's been stressful ... they didn't know until the last minute if they were going to cover, then they said they would but we couldn't find a hotel that would bill them, they all wanted to bill my credit card (sadly I don't have 6K on my credit card to pay for it) ... then with help we found a hotel that would bill insurance so we moved here ... but then after a week they billed my credit card anyway! We sorted that and they refunded my card and said they would bill insurance. Then the strata was going to do some plumbing and insurance said they wouldn't cover the days the plumber was there, and then strata decided NOT to do plumbing and insurance called the hotel to sort everything out and the hotel said 'no, we're planning to bill everything to the credit card.'

So we've been living here, not knowing if we're going to have to find a way to pay for some or all of it and wait for reimbursement, spending more on gas (the hotel is 10 minutes away from home so 10 minutes further from everything we do), spending more on food (there is a kitchen but it's tiny, and we don't have our pantry of spices and sauces to cook from), and trying to hold it together.

There is a pool, so that's a plus And hey, having housekeeping coming regularly is nice, too. But the thrill of those things wore off after day 2 LOL.

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