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Default Re: November Random Chat Thread!

Oh my goodness, Jewel!! I missed all this. What happened? Hoping everything works out for you. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way. HUGS!!

Well I wanted snow----I am getting SNOW!!!! Can hardly see the highway from the front window. Don't think I will be driving anywhere today. Suppose to snow all day. So many travelers are stranded with this monster moving across the nation.
My daughter (the one I lived with) just called. She is driving through the mountains of North Carolina on Route 26 heading for Tennessee and she is in the thick of it!! And she is not use to driving in this stuff ----AND she has the three children with her!!!! She is meeting her ex in Tennessee so the children can spend Thanksgiving with him. He is coming from St. Louis. They meet half way. She doesn't understand 'black ice" and I was trying to explain to her what to look for. So now I'll be a nervous wreck all day until she and her ex are both safe back home-----especially with the children----who, by the way, LOVE it because they don't get to see snow!
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