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Default Re: Could not complete your request because there is not enough ram

I have had that problem several times with PS (couldn't use a special filter or save projects when done, got the same error) and solved with 1. giving PS up to 60% ram (preset is 55%, don't give it more than 60-65 since your pc/laptop/... itself needs a good amount to work) AND deleting ALL .tmp (temporary files). Also make sure you have NO other applications and files open.

If that all does not help, it could be a bug cause something with your install or in the preferences is broken (first can - for example - happen if you don't leave your program via "exit" or whatever the leaving command is in PSE, but just shut it down by clicking the x of the window or such) - in this case you will need to deinstall and reinstall the program.

Good luck, hope you get it to work!

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