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Originally Posted by jayleigh3 View Post
i really don't know how to find the links when i post to a gallery, so please tell me how i find the that link so i can post it here.
If you look at Darlene's post (the first one where she describes the challenge and shows the PB) you'll see she says to "post to the My SAS-y Self gallery". The words 'My SAS-y Self gallery' are linked to the gallery, all you have to do is click on it.

Originally Posted by jayleigh3 View Post
i have completed a lay-out for this category, but i surely cannot find the upload link to put it in the gallery!
Once you are in the correct gallery, if you look a bit under your user name, on the right, you will see the words 'Upload Photos' (as shown in the sample image below). Just click on those words and fill in the information for the various fields. Be sure that your LO is not any wider or longer than 600 pixels though or it may cause errors in uploading.

If you have any further questions, just ask.
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