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Default Re: 10% question

Not sure what others say, but you get 1 --- 10% discount (not cumulative) --- in the Personal Use store. A challenge host may provide you with a coupon for an additional discount, but unless they say that, it won't happen.

And now my speech (aka ramblings) ... When I started out, I primarily hung out at sites that provided me with an actual gift certificate based on the number of challenges I participated in; however, it also meant I needed to buy their kits in order to participate. I've often been called a "bean counter." I watch my spending judiciously ... when push comes to shove, I found that I got the most bang for the buck here at theStudio.

Just saying ... many of you already know the value of this hangout ... for those newbies who don't, this is not only a place where you can get a HUGE start on your stash, it's a great big family that's also nicer than your real family (well, at least mine) along with being a place that will help you to develop your digiscrapping skills --- for free.

Originally Posted by nightshadow View Post
I get a 10% discount also, but part of Pat's post implied that we could get more than a 10% discount unless I'm misreading this section:

Originally Posted by btmo-Pat

*In total there is collectively 20% on ALL purchases, + 20% on PU only purchases (40%)

I think that perhaps once upon a time the discounts were combined, but I don't think that's true any longer. I asked that Pat clarify what she said because there were two statements which contradicted each other. I'm not really confused, but other might be.
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