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Originally Posted by lilsassy View Post
Wow! Beautiful Kit! I love it!

Has a start date for the Download-A-Day been set yet? I'm in south Louisiana and we're going to take a direct hit from Hurricane Gustav tomorrow evening. Power was out for 5 days after Katrina, and 3 days after Rita shortly after. I'm on a cable connection and cable was out for almost a week after the power came back on after Katrina, so I was without Internet for 2 weeks. Chances are, I will be again, and I don't want to miss these downloads.

Thanks. And please pray for us.

Wow, lilsassy, that is awful! I'm sure there will be alot of SAS-y ladies praying for you. As far as I can tell, the daily downloads start on Sept 1.

What an awesome kit! And all for free. This is just gorgeous. Thanks so much.
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