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Default The Scavenger Hunt is HERE!

I was up until nearly 4 this morning planting little treats around the store for you to find. It wasn't easy since the store was closed for the redesign at the same time. But I got it done, and now it's time to start the hunt. Here are the clues:

1. Sugar and spice and everything nice … yummy!

2. What you might get on a late night trip to Starbucks

3. Lamblike pal of mine

4. West coast water

5. The instructor’s favorite.

6. Girlfriend in Italian

7. ____ _____ you saw me standing alone.

8. Brrrr… it’s cold

9. Sparkling pretties on the infant

10. A flowery store in New York City?

11. A Michael Crichton novel

12. Delicious Flowers

13. Dear old golden rule days

14. Heavenly beings have made themselves audible to us.

15. 24 hours with the raptors

16. It’s amazing and Technicolor

17. A fire breathing lizard in Mr. Nolte’s fabric pouch?

18. The chest muscle that belongs to me

19. Reynolds, Gibson, Harry and Little

20. You’ll be the grandest fellow in the _____ ______

21. A splashin' bash

22. Once Upon a Time

23. A Mexican party

24. Snow in April?

25. Memories of Grandma

26. An Agatha Christie setting on wheels perhaps.

27. The wind in April

28. A shadow at the dawn of a new day

29. The fiery orb goes down in Italy

30. A single educational locale

31. A dirty lea

32. Alice did this

33. Hail the ship!

34. My sugary abode.

35. To hold something treasured and dear

36. Heavenly hosts sing Yankee Doodle

37. They bring May flowers

38. Pucker up for this fruit on the vine.

You can also see them online here (I need to revise the background to match!)

Good luck, and if you get stuck and want help, just ask for it in this forum.

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