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Originally Posted by SkrapperDigitals View Post
The payment for this course will be handled through the store and should be available for purchase tomorrow (though, remember, courses don't start until the 8th) i have heard of Gimp but sadly, I am not all that familiar with using it, if you consider yourself to be an advanced user I am fairly certain that you should be able to modify the tutorials to suit your needs, although, without extensive knowledge of that program, i cannot say for sure. A great deal of the course material deals with non-program specific information so that would not be a 'translation' issue at all. I hope you join in! :-) One of the features that makes this course unique is that if you have a particular question that is not covered in the material I will do my best to search to find the answer for you (even if I don't know it myself) and give you the best possible information I can find (my Library clerk work history is showing, I know.. LOL :-)
Should we just look for this in your store and go through the normal check-out process? I am going to take the plunge!

I am not gonna let 3 lousy storms ( Hanna, Ike and Josephine ) get me worked-up... did I mention I live about 45 Min. from Cocoa Beach/Cape Canaveral Florida? Come whatever the weather I will find a way to get my homework done!

This is sooooo exciting!

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