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Originally Posted by Lori11941 View Post
We had so much fun with the Scavenger Hunt at our Grand Opening last year, that we're doing it again. This year's hunt is bigger and better than ever! Follow the clues and collect prizes along the way from the SAS designers and their talented CT teams.

When and where will the clues be available?
The clues will be posted right here in this forum on Monday.

How long do I have to follow the clues?
The prizes will be available all month long. So take your time.

"Help! I'm stuck and it's driving me crazy!"
Okay, so technically that wasn't a question, but we've got you covered. If you need help, just post in this forum and someone will come by and help you out (kind of like those emergency tow trucks on the turnpike.) Be sure to tell us how much help you want. Do you just want another clue? Or do you want the actual answer? Make sure your account is set to receive Private Messages because that's how we'll be answering you, to keep the surprises fresh for the other members.

If you can think of other questions post them here and I'll reply and update the Q&A. This is going to be so much fun!
This is so much fun. I am stuck on the last 5 I have left. Iam not sure if jurassic park belongs to clue #15 or #22. I think it belongs to #15, but I am not sure which clue I should keep looking for. It doesn't really cause a problem because I am having a blast. Thank you so much for working so hard and long hours to do this. Truely appreciated.
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