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Originally Posted by Rylea View Post
I have made three attempts to load these links to no avail. Am I the only one who can't get them to load? After several hours of trying and thinking I have them, when I try to unzip them, the message says I need to archive them? O help......what have I done wrong?

Sometimes, that happens to me when using Internet Explorer. Usually I can solve it by copying and pasting the link (or opening the page) in Mozilla Firefox, which, imho, is the best browser to download stuff. It should be OK there.
Also, Winzip is a good program to unzip files. I don't know which one you're using, but it can't be just that because you can't get the files to load, can you? Seems to me like a browser problem.
So, I'd try a different browser, preferably Mozilla, and Winzip.
Before you do, clean up your temporary internet files, delete the previous downloads of these files (if any), and don't forget to empty your recycle bin. We tend to forget that deleting something on the computer only places it somewhere else lol.
It might also be a good idea to download it to a different location this time: for example, if you did it before to My Documents, try Desktop now. Or the other way around.
If you still have problems, feel free to email me at and I'll try to help you some more.
I hope it works out for you, this is a lovely download!
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