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Originally Posted by vickielumbert View Post
Dumb question.. Where do you get the coupon for the birthday bash kit?
Hmmm, not sure what you're asking.

We have a SAS-y Lady Contest going on (new designer contest) and the kits they create are available for download during the contest. Those can be found in the SAS-y Birthday Bash Gallery here; the links to each are provided on their individual previews.

We also have a challenge of sorts, a Members Mega Kit. This is where any member of the forum (even you) can contribute items of any kind (elements, papers, kits) that they themselves have designed according to the provided color scheme and if you collect all the contributions you receive a Mega matching kit in the end. You can read about it in the forums here and see the contributions in the gallery here.

Also, there's a Mega kit designed by 4 of the SAS designers being given away in pieces on a daily basis called 'Download A Day'. The daily links can be found in the Shoppe in the SAS Gifts section.

And last, there's a kit that everyone receives when they sign into the shoppe called 'Feelin Welcome' - that requires a coupon code and it's provided to you in the item's description within the shoppe.

I hope I managed to answer your question.
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