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Originally Posted by marta_van_eck View Post
Ok. I don't really understand the whole thing with "elements" - too much , too few ? if our kits were not correct about the count of elements why we have to wait till voting? Wouldn’t It Be more fair to eliminate us before the voting start??? But ...ok. Just wish good luck to those who are still in
I definitely agree w/ you here.... I think it's a shame that you went into the voting round w/ no chance of winning.... i am so sorry for this misfortune, but as everyone said, you ladies are fantastic.

I know if i were so brave as to try and do something like this, I would prefer that I was told that I was disqualified before the voting began. It leads to a bigger heartbreak.... just by 2 cents.

Contrats to all of you, you are all simply fabulous!!!
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