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Originally Posted by allwright1 View Post
I've had problems with my internet so I hardly posted at all last week. I have a goal for the month... but after this week I don't think I'll make it! I was well on my way toward it... not now though. I had to have Janalyn upload my lo for lo design this week... I couldn't even post it. Thank goodness the judges liked it so I didn't have to try to upload it again! I've never had problems uploading lo's here... until this week!
I've been having problems with my internet, too! And, it's not just at SAS... it's everywhere online! I've also been hearing of internet issues from several people... I wonder if it had anything to do with the Hurricanes?!! I'm in New England (MA), East Coast, so I wasn't sure if that could be the cause or not!
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