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Originally Posted by AraLew View Post
I had all the downloads up to day 12 and then my computer crashed and I lost it all and it was soooooooo pretty. Now I have spent the day recollecting what I could...but the downloads for day 1 - 11 aren't available anymore so here I sit sobbing.

Is there any way I can still get them?

Hugs a really hopeful
Did you ever receive a reply regarding this?? I downloaded a few parts that ended up being corrupted and asked if there was a way to get them, but no one ever responded to me. I sure hope you're able to get your daily downloads back! I back my pc up everyday, I have lost info before and been in tears. There are several online back up companies you can use. I also back up to an external drive that has 500 GB's and I have another one that hasn't been used. I sure hope you'll be able to recollect, it is a fabulous kit! I was sad about losing the two days that were corrupted.... now I don't feel so bad, but I do feel very badly for you!

I hope you get some assistance. Take care.
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