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ok ..I have read this whole thread for clues to the ones I'm still looking for but I'm still clueless about LOL:

1. Sugar & spice
6 Girlfriend in Italian...I googled it & got Amico but no luck
8. Brr I'm cold
12 Delicious flower
13. dear old golden rule days
24 Snow in April...(what part of the world has snow in April LOL)
26. Agatha Christie...i know a mystery writer but lost me on the "many wheels"
29. Fiery orb
32. Alice does...googled it too but still clueless...she shrunk...i dont know LOL

Trust me I have racked my brain b4 bothering everyone!

Thanks in advance for your help.
ut I will deal with that in a few

Think I'm missing a few dwnloads too b
Oh no a NEW addiction!

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