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I wanted to have 3000 posts by the end of the month... that was my goal. Only a little under 1000 shy! Oh well... maybe after a break of 6 months or so I might make it. At the begining of this month I was doing so good I was averaging 100 post a day... then net problems, life and burnout set in... I was really pushing myself the last few days trying to get 2000 posts in... but I finally got to 2000... woooohoooo! If you do this next year I will deffinately be in it again! It's been fun! I saw so many cool lo's! Such talented people around here!!! I really enjoyed seeing lo's that didn't have any comments and I was the first to post to them. I know I enjoy reading comments and have a few lo's I thought nobody liked... but going through the galleries I found that it's not that people don't like them... it's that people haven't seen them! I saw lo's that were absolutely fantastic and they didn't have any comments.

SAS's b-day bash has been so much fun! I got so much free stuff this month! I had to move downloads from SAS only from my laptop to my big puter 4 times (at 6gb a time) this month! I usually move things every other week and maybe have a couple or 3 gigs to move... and that's from many sites... good thing you don't do this everyday or I'd have to get a couple of exterior hard drives for my big puter... and it's huge aready! Totally terrific SAS-y B-day! I've been to a few b-day parties on the net now and SAS by far outshined them all! Great job ladies!!!
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