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Default Blinkies

Originally Posted by olga9999 View Post

The forum has now enabled the option of having signatures, so people can have some quote they wish in their signature and blinkies of their favourite designers or any other theme they wish.

The rules that apply to signatures are the following:

1. Signatures should not contained more than 500 characters of text. That limit should be enough for most quotes, or any other text people generally use in their signatures. (500 characters of text will be roughly about two lines and a half of text)

2. The text in the signature admits the same type of formatting as your messages in the Forum, you can change the Font, use Bold text or underline part of it. You can also use any of the smilies available in the forum (just remember that they will count towards the image count). When formatting your text, please consider the way it will look when other people are reading the messages.

3. Signatures should not contained more than 4 images, that includes animated and non-animated blinkies (jpg, png and gif images).

4. The overall size of the images in your signature should not exceed 120Kb, that should be enough for 4 blinkies of 30kb in size. You do not necessarily need your blinkies to be 30Kb in size, just for them never to exceed the 120Kb in limit when your add the sizes.Please be aware that the more animation in the blinkie, the bigger the size of the file. In GIF images the size could increase notably in small blinkies if they have lots of animations in them, so don't be surprise if checking the size of your blinkie in your computer you find a very small image with a huge size compared to bigger ones without animation.

5. The overall size of the signature should not be bigger than 500x100 pixels. We understand overall size as the size of all the images and text in your signature. Please again consider how the size of your signature will look when others are reading the forum.

6. Finally these rules are open to feedback by members of the forum. Please do not hesitate in contact Administrators and give your suggestions in this as well as in any other issue. We are willing to hear any of your suggestions.

In order to have a signature in the Forum, we will have again to go to the User CP on the top left corner of the Forum screen.

1. Go to the Control Panel Menu> Edit Signature

2. You will get a similar screen to the one you use to send your messages in the Forum as the screen shot above.

3. Write and edit your quote or the text you wish to appear in your signature. If you add smilies to your signature, remember they count each of them as an image and they will go towards the count of 4 images per signature.

4a. Once you have typed your text, go the lower part of that same screen. You will see something similar to the Edit Avatar Menu, and get the option of either uploading your images to the Forum or pasting the URL to the image you wish to have in your signature. The first option has not been enabled but the second one has. You need to paste the link to the image you wish in your signature in the Option 1 - Enter the URL to the Image on Another Website.

4b. An alternative to this method and in order to have up to 4 images or blinkies per signature would be to add the images to the message box above, where we had typed our text. This will allow us to have more control over the place the photos will appear (left, right or center using the alignment controls). You only need to copy and paste the URL of your image as if it was a normal message. Just click in the icon highlighted below and paste the code to the image.

5. At the bottom of your screen you will see two buttons with Save Signature and Preview Signature. Just click on Preview Signature to see whether your signature appears as you wish it to be. When you like the result, click in Save Signature and it will be saved and will appear in all the messages you post in the Forum.

Am I correct in assuming then that I can not upload a blinkie from my computer, only from a file sharing site?
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