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Originally Posted by allwright1 View Post
I keep checking my e-mail and the newsletter to see if the new one is up. I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas!
Girl, I was doing the same thing!! However, just know, based on the top posters, you have to be the winner, UNLESS you started out the month of sept w/ a lot of posts. I know that I basically had NONE...well maybe a handful. If you posted the majority of your posts in Sept, you hands-down would have to be the winner. I base this on the last newsletter, and then the top 5 from the last... It will soooooooooooooooooo be like a huge xmas!! I wish you so much luck!!!

The only reason I tried my best was because I am so new, I don't have a lot of digiscrap stuff AND I lost my job last month....very unexpectedly and I was devastated. Sooooo.... I figured if I could win anything at all, it would make things a bit better! LOL!.....

I wouldn't stress too much, ALLWRIGHT1 you have a ton of posts and you've been on top of the leader board throughout. Soooo.... I am crossing my fingers for you because if you posted that many posts you are so deserving!

It was really fun and some days my fingers would hurt from typing so much!! And now, I am addicted, I keep posting!!!! LOL!
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