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Default Congratulations allwright!

Originally Posted by allwright1 View Post
Oh ya... I forgot to say a big THANK YOU to both AJR65 and Julie Cohen for the brag book pages! I love Julie C's Zoo kits! She even made the Wiley Willy Wolf kit for me! I told her I have a Wolf/German Shepard dog and would love a wolf kit.

Another big THANK YOU to Lori11941 for running this and keeping track of us!

Congratulations!!! I knew you won!!!! I was checkin' it all out last night and I SOOOOO KNEW you were the winner!! You rocked, sister!! Great job!!!! I hope that you have so much fun shopping for tons of new stuff!! Like someone else said, it'll be like Christmas for you!!! Congrats, congrats, congrats!

I can't wait to see some of your new layouts w/ your new stuf, too!!

Thank you SAS for such an awesome month. With my dad's death and the loss of my job, I have had more than my share of sadness this month, but SAS really and truly made it easier. I am getting all teary-eyed I'll stop.

Congrats one more time to the supah-star poster!!!! WAY2GO!
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